SUBSERVIENT: Matias Thread & Denim Project (Part 2)

A pig’s head was desperately needed for the shoot.  One of my models told me to check out a butcher shop in Huntington Beach (CA).

A butcher walked over and asked how he could help me.  I asked if he had any pig’s heads for sale.  He proceeded to show me one in the display freezer.  It was huge and frozen solid.  There were all kinds of other interesting heads in there too.  I asked him if it was for sale and he tells me to wait.  He had to check with the owner.  Two minutes later the sound of cussing and yelling came racing through the customer area of the butcher shop.  This was followed by a medium-sized, pot-bellied, meat-loving American (probably from Texas).  “Fucking vegetarians are always trying to run me out of business!  Goddamn vegans!” The owner was obviously not a fan.  He looked at me and yelled, “Are you a vegetarian?”  I said no.  Even if I was, “no” seemed like the right answer.  “What do you want?” he yelled.  I asked if the pig’s head was for sale.  “Give the kid the pig’s head,” the owner declared.   And just like that, a free pig’s head was check-marked off my list of things to do.

This has very little to do with the project I created for Matias Sandoval.  However, that experience was memorable and led to this shot:

A lot more people showed up to this shoot than I had anticipated.  My assistant ended up having assistants.  Those assistants had assistants.  The same went for the styling team.  There were assistants galore.  Yet in the end, everyone lent a hand in creating a killer set of images.

“That was the most intense thing I’ve ever been a part of!” said Matias.  It appeared he was happy too.

Thank You:

Matias, Bianca, Pennylane, Mr. & Mrs. Sandoval, Jeremy, Lauryn, Diana, Erika, Curtis, Mark (you really know how to fly a MiG jet?), Sarah, Greer, Dillon, Cameron, Ulysses (sorry if I spelled that wrong), and the weatherman for making it sunny.

Here is some sweet behind-the-scenes footage.  (Please forgive my quick editing skills)

  1. Aunt Bonnie said:

    Wow, very creative work Sean! You always seem to express your art with such inspiration. Your creativity never ceases to inspire; it’s kind of like looking through a kaleidoscope, each scene seems to float together to create an exciting new possibility. As your aunt, I have watched this creative part of you build throughout your life. Even as a little boy, your happiness and well being had much to do with creativity. Please keep looking at life in new and different ways and keep sharing your perspectives with the world. Your photography is like new fresh air to breathe. Makes me proud, as I am one of your biggest fans.

    • Thanks Aunt. You’re too kind with your words. See you in Friday.

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