The Dog and Bunny

Some of the beaches in Northern California are very beautiful, yet very desolate.  San Gregorio Beach has these traits.  My first time there was in the late fall, early winter of 2009.  It was cloudy and cold.

I used to watch a show on television called “Mystery Science Theater 3000.”  It was hilarious.  The main characters, Joel, Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot, were forced to watch these cheesy old Science Fiction movies.

While walking around San Gregorio Beach, all those old movies from “Mystery Science Theater 3000” kept rifling through my brain.  I started to conjure up my own cheesy story.

What if an Audrey Hepburn-like character (possibly like in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”) were instantaneously teleported from a big New York gala, to a barren beach?  How would she feel?  What would she do?  How would she adapt?  Right when she starts to accept this craziness, our character begins to realize that a human-sized dog and bunny are stalking her.

The Dog and Bunny use human genetic engineering in an effort to grow a new form of flower:  legs with fashionable shoes.

The story follows the mad scientist’s efforts to capture socialites for their experiments.  Then, along comes our story’s heroine.  She’s tough, a bit more Rock-n-Roll.   The predators become the prey as she begins to hunt the Dog and Bunny.

Welcome to my brain. (and I don’t even use drugs!)

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