A Salacious Request

This hung framed and matted in the “Command Center” with the silver bow I applied during Christmas a couple of years back still attached.  Considering how much my dad liked women’s breasts, I figured it would be the perfect segue from my last post back into writing about my various projects.  (FYI:  The “Command Center” was my dad’s office)

The image was quite the scandal around my dad’s house.  Neighbors (male) would get caught staring a little too long.  My brother (Dave) lobbied to have it removed during the summer of 2011.  The reason was that my father allowed Dave’s in-laws to stay at his house for a week.  I found out through the family “Grape Vine” that apparently Dave was uncomfortable with the idea of extended family being subjected to so much skin.

“Come on, it’s inappropriate!  Her kids are coming!” Dave shouted.    “Keep the kids out of the Command Center,” my dad countered.  The picture stayed up on the wall like a badge of honor.


Words like submissive, obedient, stereotype were the genesis of this project.  Around that time, I remember being out at a bar with friends when a buddy of mine commented on a particular girl’s beauty…from the neck down.  “Dude, she’d be hot if she put a bag over her head!” he yelled in my ear, right before he sucked down a huge gulp of beer.  Don’t worry; it was very loud in the bar, so I don’t think the woman under analysis heard the comment.  His candor got me wondering if there ever was such a woman, or man for that matter, that actually complied with such a salacious request.

A very big thank you goes out to the model in the image.

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