Cherries and Knives

A friend of mine named Ashley Rocha asked me to photograph her Masters of Fine Art (MFA) Thesis project.  The idea was to create a fashion shoot based on food found at a local Farmer’s Market.  We decided to take what was in season during one particular week and create something lascivious.

I phoned up a friend, Chris L’Hommedieu – who was the Chef of Michael Mina Restaurant in San Francisco, and asked if we could shoot inside his restaurant.  I also asked Chris what he was cooking that week.  Chris used to prepare weekly tasting menus at Michael Mina.  That week he was playing around with Lamb, Rhubarb, Purple Artichokes, Cherries, Duck and Foie Gras.  So, Ashley and I worked these ingredients into our concept.

The project began around the colors purple, red and beige.  Words like “Rich, Decadent and Exotic” were being tossed around.  Then we threw in a good amount deviant and lustful behavior.  The result was a portfolio of images like this:

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