A woman sent me an email a couple of months back asking if I could photograph her team to help promote her business.  A mutual friend recommended me.  The assignment was an active portrait of my client and a group of women that work for her.  Her business, called OMG Aesthetic OC, is a non-invasive medical spa in Newport Beach, California.  So, we met for coffee to discuss the details.  When we were talking, she informed me that she hadn’t looked at my portfolio.  “REALLY?  You should have a look before I shoot pictures for you.”  I told her that my work is a bit edgy, especially considering that the promos she ran in the past were much more conservative than my style of photography.  After I handed my portfolio to her, she met my request with giggles of joy and comments of “I LOVE IT!”  An ear-to-ear grin appeared on my face.

Past Promos

We reviewed the images she used in the past, discussed her concerns and then talked about where she wanted to go with OMG promos via my style of photography.  My first suggestion was to introduce a muscle-bound guy into her promos.  This seemed like a natural fit after she told me that guys were a large part of her target market.  (I had thought her target market were primarily women)

I also pushed her to include various elements that are commonly found at her business, like a syringe for Botox and a Microdermabrasion machine.  Including these elements would add a slight amount of surrealism to the imagery (especially considering how conservative her past promos were).

Since our first meeting we’ve shot two different ideas.  The first is titled “An OMG Summer” and the second was left untitled.  The idea for the first image was that the women of OMG perfected this guy with their medical spa skills.  The idea for the second image was that the guy they perfected is now serving them, via a fun end-of-summer-backyard-barbeque.  This is how the image turned out for the promo:

PS:  I like watermelon.  It’s delish-eee-oso!


Comments / Critiques

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