L.A. Art Show

“After looking at your work, everything else here is boring,” said Gina.  Ok, let’s back up here for a moment.  To be fair, Gina and I went to High School together, so I’ve known her for some time.  There was probably a bit of bias involved with that zinger!  However, it was lovely to hear.

The Provocations art show, produced by RAWartists, was an intense display of sensory input.  Music, Fashion Shows, Photography, Painting and Jewelry were jam-packed into a three-hour show.  The Key Club, on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, was a great venue for the barrage of talent launched at the spectators.  Everyone dressed up for the occasion and displayed their best behavior.  My stepfather, Gary, put it best when he said, “that was a thoroughly enjoyable show!  I had so much fun!”  I concur Gary…I concur!


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