NEW PROJECT: Villa Riviera


This project will explore impulsive human behavior.  This project will illustrate the kind of behavior that usually sits behind the veil of what is socially acceptable.  Each image will answer the following question:  What happens when impulse leads to over-indulgence?

The photographs proposed are loosely based on real people who I know and/or have met.  The project will be presented as a series of short surreal stories that all take place in a high-rise apartment building.  Each image will have a strong concept created by:

  • Design
  • Narrative
  • Texture
  • Color
  • Contrast

The photographs will convey a strong sense of design through the use of shapes, linear perspective, implied and psychic lines.  Design, texture, color and contrast will be used to move the viewer’s eyes throughout each image.

The inspiration for this project come from the building that I live in and the following:

Starting Mood Board for the Project

Starting Mood Board for the Project

Here is a proposed list of pictures.  Attached to each photo idea are descriptive words defining the basic infrastructure of the image.

  1. “Colorful Insanity”  |  Eclectic  |  Tattoo  |  Swinger  |  Nude
  2. “Perfect Couple”  |  Dramatic  |  Minimal  |  Beautiful  |  Psychopath
  3. “The Beast”   |  Deranged  |  Mysterious  |  Giant  |  Human
  4. “Twins”  |  Opposites  |  Creepy  |  Female  |  Enticing
  5. “The Old Lady”  |  Stale  |  Clutter  |  Knitting  |  Enchanting
  6. “The Scream”  |  Bondage  |  Extreme |  Pleasure
  7. “The Gentleman”  |  Proper  |  Polite  |  Honest  |  Cheerful
  8. “Fabulous”  |  Androgynous  |  Shameless  |  Happy
  9. “The Smoker”  |  Emaciated  |  Gray  |  Leathery  |  Waiting

I would love to collaborate with:

  • Models and/or Actors (Male & Female)
  • Hair & Makeup Stylists
  • Wardrobe stylists
  • Set Designers
  • Creative/Art Directors

If you would like to collaborate with me on this project, please email me at

This project is a work in progress.  It will be captured and printed digitally.


Comments / Critiques

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